Panel in Jquery Mobile

The panel is created for menus documentation on a webpage for mobile. The opened panel can be closed by a left or right slide. data attributes for panel data-role=”value” Value Description data-role=”panel” panel Used for creating panel container data-display=”overlay” overlay and push When overlay value is defined then the panel will display the above content.When … Read more Panel in Jquery Mobile

Create Navbar (Menus) in Jquery Mobile

Creating menus in Jquery mobile is very simple. The thing we have to do is, a simple documentation and use some data attributes. Jquery Mobile Menu Example Home Menu Next Create a DIV container to list menu items in it. Add data-role=”navbar” attribute to design and convert its items on the menu. And another attribute … Read more Create Navbar (Menus) in Jquery Mobile

Design Buttons in Jquery Mobile

We can create a button by using three tags in Jquery mobile which are INPUT, A, and BUTTON. List of classes for button designing ui-btn ui-btn-inline ui-corner-all ui-mini ui-btn-a, ui-btn-b ui-shadow ui-icon-home ui-btn-icon-left, ui-btn-icon-right, ui-btn-icon-top, ui-btn-icon-bottom, and ui-btn-icon-notext ui-shadow-icon ui-state-disabled Create a button by INPUT tag It has some border-radius, outline by default. Jquery mobile … Read more Design Buttons in Jquery Mobile

Single Page Application (SPA) in Jquery Mobile

We can develop a single-page web application in Jquery-mobile. You can access another page’s content without reloading the webpage. To make a single-page web app, Create a page using a data-role attribute and add header, section, etc. whichever you want to add. First-page code After first page code, you can create another page. Second page … Read more Single Page Application (SPA) in Jquery Mobile

Creating a Page in Jquery Mobile

Jquery mobile provides a data-role attribute to create a page, its header, section, footer, etc. The attribute is used with a DIV element. For example:- <div data-role=”page”></div> data-role attributes data-role=”value” Use data-role=”page” Creates a page that will contain a header, footer, and content area. data-role=”header” Used for header data-role=”main” The content of the mobile application … Read more Creating a Page in Jquery Mobile