abs() function in PHP

abs() is an PHP’s inbuilt function. It returns a positive number. Its parameter accepts a numeric value that may be positive or negative but will return only a positive value. See example below:-

How to reset form in Jquery

Live example Type something in Input field and click “Reset this form” button Reset this form Default values set to the INPUT field using value=”something” can not be reset by this method. More posts:- https://jaischool.com/questions/javascript/show-window-open-popup-in-center-of-the-user-screen.html https://jaischool.com/error/failed-to-load-resource-neterr_http2_protocol_error-one-possible-solution.html https://jaischool.com/javascript-lang/calculate-width-and-height-ratio-of-image.html https://jaischool.com/javascript-lang/convert-rgb-code-into-hex-code.html