How to Delete A Column in SQL?

delete column

ALTER TABLE table DROP COLUMN column query is used to delete a column in SQL. And to remove multiple columns from a table in the database, separate the first query by comma and use the DROP keyword and after it the second column name, etc. Delete Single Column Delete multiple columns

How To Update Data in Table in SQL

update table

In this SQL (structured query language) guide, you will be aware of how to update the data in the column of a table in SQL, updating multiple columns’ data, updating data with conditional keywords like WHERE. Before starting to learn about updating data into the table’s cell wherever we want. I am assuming that you … Read more

How To Store/Insert Data in Columns of a Table Using SQL

insert into table

Today, in this guide, you will know how to insert data in the columns of a table. We are going to use a query INSERT INTO for the purpose of inserting data. With the help of SQL, we are free to store data in one column or in multiple columns at once. To inject data … Read more