We use CONCAT() function in SQL to concatenate two or more column’s data. To understand CONCAT(), we are going to create a database ‘jai_school‘. The database contains the table, so make a table: users Insert some data Use CONCAT() function Other Articles SQL CASESQL MIN() and MAX() functionsSQL operators


In SQL, we use CASE to apply conditions. See practical example below- Database ~ jai_school Create a table result Insert data in the table Table Image- CASE example query result- Introduction to SQL create a database in SQL Table in SQL Store data in a table How to delete database How to delete table in … Read more

MIN() and MAX() functions in SQL

Sql MIN() function is to get the minimum number from a column. And, MAX() function is used to display maximum number from a table’s column. Examples are given below- Database Name– jai_school Create a table– result Insert data in result table Table Image- SQL MIN() function query result- Display MIN(marks) in another column– query result- … Read more

Use of SQL Operators with WHERE in SQL

in SQL, we can use operators with WHERE query so that we can display/filter data from tables according to our thinking. There are so many operators to use with WHERE (conditional clause) in SQL which are given below. Operators for “where” query = (Equal to operator in SQL but in JS assignment operator) > (Greater … Read more