How To Store/Insert Data in Columns of a Table Using SQL

Date Published: 02/03/2020 Published By: JaiSchool

Today, in this guide, you will know how to insert data in the columns of a table. We are going to use a query INSERT INTO for the purpose of inserting data. With the help of SQL, we are free to store data in one column or in multiple columns at once.

To inject data into columns, we use query INSERT INTO table_name(col1_name,col2_name,col3_name)VALUES(col1_value,col2_value,col3_value);

I have a created database named jai_school.

ex- Query: CREATE DATABASE jai_school;

In which I made a table 'users' which contains 3 columns-

  • name - Users' names will go in this column (first column).
  • email - We will store email in this column (second column).
  • mobile_no - Mobile numbers will be stored in this (last column).

ex.- Query: CREATE TABLE users(name VARCHAR(20),email VARCHAR(50),phone_no INT(15));

Insert data in column

Finally, insert data into the table - 'users'. And terminate the query with a semicolon.

INSERT INTO users(name,email,phone_no)VALUES("Ram","[email protected]",1789543210);

According to the above lines:

Ram, [email protected] and 6789543210 will go into name, email, and phone_no columns respectively.

Ram is a string so place it in a double or single quote & numbers without it (any quote).

Each value must be separated with a comma.

For your convenience to understand the code, you can write a single query in multiple lines. But you can't terminate every line of a single-query. Terminate the query where it lasts. An example is given below.

This is also OK. This whole code is of a single query but in more than one line.

INSERT INTO users(name,email,phone_no)
VALUES("Ram","[email protected]",1789543210);

According to rule by Mysql, INT data type can only store a max value of 2147483647 and max digits 255. If you cross the limit than this error will show-

#1264 - Out of range value for column 'phone_no' at row 1

To view, this error run this query, INSERT INTO users(name,email,phone_no)VALUES("Ram","[email protected]",9789543210);

9789543210 > 2147483647 So you get error. Read more on official documentation.

What if I want to add value's (or store data) in only a column then select that particular column and give value to it.

Example: INSERT INTO users(name)VALUES("Shyam");. Then other columns value in this row will be NULL.

insert into table - jaischool

Store multiple data in one column in one query

INSERT INTO table(column)VALUES("RAM"),("Shyam");

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