“Drop Database” Statements Are Disabled | Solution

Date Published: 27/02/2020 Published By: JaiSchool

This error is caught up when dropping database permission is disabled (false). It may be by default when you install any localhost server.

There are a few simple steps to get through this alert which are as following:

  1. At first, open C drive.
  2. Open your localhost (ex.-WAMP64) folder.
  3. Then apps
  4. Phpmyadmin
  5. Find config.default.php file and open it in the text editor that has administrator permissions. you can also use notepad to edit this by running as administrator.
drop database diabled
  1. You will see AllowUserDropDatabase is false, replace it with true.
  2. Finally, you need to restart your computer to appear the changes.

config.default.php may be hidden by default, So make sure, you have selected 'All files'.

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