How To Delete Database in SQL

Date Published: 04/03/2020 Published By: JaiSchool

In this informative guide, you will know how to delete a database using SQL in any RDBMS program like Mysql. When you delete a database, all the tables or all data of that database will also delete automatically.

In the previous post, you learned how to create a database in SQL.

And now, we are going to know the steps to delete that a database using SQL using in Mysql RDBMS program.

The SQL query to delete database

To remove (delete) the database, simply use a query which is DROP DATABASE db_name;. Here, I will revoke the database named "jai_school" so the query will be like this-

DROP DATABASE jai_school;
delete database

"DROP DATABASE" statements are disabled. If you got this message then follow this article to get it solved.

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