scrollTop() method for window in Jquery

scrollTop is a method of the window in Jquery. This method examines how much you have scrolled a web page in the browser. It will return the distance in pixels from the top of the scrollbar track to the scrollbar thumb. And you can also define in its parameter that how much the web page … Read more scrollTop() method for window in Jquery

which and button Property | Cross Browser Solution

which and button both JS properties are used to examine the mouse or keyboard event. The difference between them is that which property supports only the latest versions of browsers or modern browsers and the button property is to work in older versions of browsers like internet explorer version below than 9.0 which Property in … Read more which and button Property | Cross Browser Solution

JQuery Events

Jquery events are used to perform special actions on the selected elements in jquery. There are three types of events in Jquery, we can take in use which are following- Primary Event Secondary Event Action Events #1. Primary Event There is only one primary event in Jquery, called ready(). We define an anonymous function in … Read more JQuery Events

Introduction To Jquery

Jquery is a library of JavaScript. It is cross-platform means the script code you write in Jquery is supported by all the versions of browsers and operating systems. The library means it is written in JavaScript. We can also use JavaScript code (functions, properties, etc.) in Jquery because it is JS library. Jquery was developed … Read more Introduction To Jquery

Jquery UI Menu

Jquery UI provides a widget (method) to design navbar in Jquery UI. The method is menu(). Documentation for menu in Jquery UI Use UL or OL tag and give id value to select and apply menu() method/widget.<div class=”menu”></div> List menu items in the LI tag.<div class=”menu”><li>Home</li></div> To make menu items clickable, its text should be … Read more Jquery UI Menu

Jquery UI slider() Method

Jquery UI’s slider() widget will create a slider from a DIV element. You can select a numeric value by dragging its handle. To create slider in Jquery UI, create a DIV element and give a id or class value to select in Jquery. And then apply slider() method on it. Example– Options of slider() method … Read more Jquery UI slider() Method

Jquery UI spinner() Method

Jquery UI’s spinner() method is used to design the element with type=”number” attribute. Create an input field and set attribute type=”text” not type=”number” because the method spinner() will automatically design it for number. Example> Use CSS to remove outline #inp:focus{outline:none;} Options of the spinner() method Property Value min 5 max 10 icons Jquery ui icons … Read more Jquery UI spinner() Method