Use of SQL Operators with WHERE in SQL

in SQL, we can use operators with WHERE query so that we can display/filter data from tables according to our thinking. There are so many operators to use with WHERE (conditional clause) in SQL which are given below. Operators for “where” query = (Equal to operator in SQL but in JS assignment operator) > (Greater … Read more Use of SQL Operators with WHERE in SQL

Panel in Jquery Mobile

The panel is created for menus documentation on a webpage for mobile. The opened panel can be closed by a left or right slide. data attributes for panel data-role=”value” Value Description data-role=”panel” panel Used for creating panel container data-display=”overlay” overlay and push When overlay value is defined then the panel will display the above content.When … Read more Panel in Jquery Mobile

Create Navbar (Menus) in Jquery Mobile

Creating menus in Jquery mobile is very simple. The thing we have to do is, a simple documentation and use some data attributes. Jquery Mobile Menu Example Home Menu Next Create a DIV container to list menu items in it. Add data-role=”navbar” attribute to design and convert its items on the menu. And another attribute … Read more Create Navbar (Menus) in Jquery Mobile