How To Print Array in PHP | print_r() Function

print_r() function is used to print an array in PHP. In the parameter of print_r() function pass array which you want to be printed. Table of Contents 1. Print an array2. Print values by indexing number3. Print array’s all value by loop If you are trying to print an array by using echo then definitely … Read more

sizeOf() | How To Print Length of an Array in PHP?

PHP gives us a function sizeOf() to count the length of the data stored in an array. sizeOf() is written in camel case. In sizeOf() method’s parameter, pass the array, you want to count the length of. and after that, simply print it by an echo. See the below example: Output:- 5

How To Change Class Name of an HTML Element in Javascript?

This article will guide you on how you can change or replace the existing class name of an HTML element with the help of JS (Javascript). There is a property in Javascript to replace the existing class value or to add the class on the Html tag, which is className. If the element has not … Read more

How To Get Live Width of Window When It is Resizing?

To return the live width of the current window in Javascript, use a property of the window that is innerWidth. Step: 1 Write HTML documentation and use a script tag to code in Javascript. Step: 2 Pass onresize event on the window. Now, the code in the onresize event function will execute as many times … Read more

How to Delete A Column in SQL?

delete column

ALTER TABLE table DROP COLUMN column query is used to delete a column in SQL. And to remove multiple columns from a table in the database, separate the first query by comma and use the DROP keyword and after it the second column name, etc. Delete Single Column Delete multiple columns