json_decode() | How To Convert JSON data to PHP’s Object in PHP

In this tutorial, you are going to know, how to process JSON (Javascript Object Notation) data in PHP. The function json_decode() is used to convert the JSON object into PHP’s object. The json_decode() is a function of PHP that decodes JSON object into PHP object. To change the JSON data in an object of PHP, … Read more

attr() method – How To Add Attribute in Jquery

The attr() is a method of Jquery. It is used to set an attribute and value on the Html tag. This method will replace the attribute’ value If the HTML element has the attribute from the same name, you are imposing by the Jquery attr() method otherwise It will add. Table of Contents attr() method … Read more

How To Remove Attribute in Jquery

The removeAttr() method of Jquery, is used to remove the attribute from the Html tag. In its parameter give the attribute name of an element that you want to delete/remove. Table of Contents Remove attribute in JqueryRemove an attribute of all same elementsRemove style attributeRemove data attributeRemove multiple attributesRemove class attributeRemove all attributes by using … Read more

attr() method | How To Get Attribute’s Value in Jquery

The attr() function is used to get the value of the attribute of the HTML tag in Jquery. We pass the attribute name in the attr() methods argument to know the value of it. Table of contents Jquery attr() methodGet custom attribute value in JqueryGet all attribute name and value Here in this below example, … Read more

How To Remove Class and Add Another Class in Jquery

In this guide, you will be aware of two methods/functions of Jquery with examples that are – 1. removeClass() and 2. addClass(). Table of Contents | Remove class in Jquery| Add the class in Jquery| Remove class and add new in Jquery removeClass() method is used in Jquery to remove a class from HTML element. … Read more

rand() method | How To Generate Random Number From 0 to 90 in PHP?

PHP provides a function – rand() to generate the numbers randomly from one number to another number (ex:- 0 to 90). rand() function has two parameters. The first parameter is for min number & the second is for max number. You get a random number from min to max in PHP. Separate parameter by comma … Read more

How To Remove Default Behavior of Form’s Submit Button in JS

When we click on the submit button of form or press enter. Then our form submits. There is a method in Javascript to remove this functionality of the HTML form which name is preventDefault(). preventDefault() method of Javascript can be used with two events – onclick & onsubmit. You need to write something in function’s … Read more

implode() method: How To Convert Array to a String in PHP?

We make use of implode() method/function in PHP to change the array into a string. implode() function has a parameter to pass the array in it that you want to be converted into a string. This method will joint all the values of array from different-different indexing numbers and then displayed as a single string. … Read more

How To Print Array in PHP | print_r() Function

print_r() function is used to print an array in PHP. In the parameter of print_r() function pass array which you want to be printed. Table of Contents 1. Print an array2. Print values by indexing number3. Print array’s all value by loop If you are trying to print an array by using echo then definitely … Read more