Panel in Jquery Mobile

The panel is created for menus documentation on a webpage for mobile. The opened panel can be closed by a left or right slide. data attributes for panel data-role=”value” Value Description data-role=”panel” panel Used for creating panel container data-display=”overlay” overlay and push When overlay value is defined then the panel will display the above content.When … Read more Panel in Jquery Mobile

Create Navbar (Menus) in Jquery Mobile

Creating menus in Jquery mobile is very simple. The thing we have to do is, a simple documentation and use some data attributes. Jquery Mobile Menu Example Home Menu Next Create a DIV container to list menu items in it. Add data-role=”navbar” attribute to design and convert its items on the menu. And another attribute … Read more Create Navbar (Menus) in Jquery Mobile

Design Buttons in Jquery Mobile

We can create a button by using three tags in Jquery mobile which are INPUT, A, and BUTTON. List of classes for button designing ui-btn ui-btn-inline ui-corner-all ui-mini ui-btn-a, ui-btn-b ui-shadow ui-icon-home ui-btn-icon-left, ui-btn-icon-right, ui-btn-icon-top, ui-btn-icon-bottom, and ui-btn-icon-notext ui-shadow-icon ui-state-disabled Create a button by INPUT tag It has some border-radius, outline by default. Jquery mobile … Read more Design Buttons in Jquery Mobile

Single Page Application (SPA) in Jquery Mobile

We can develop a single-page web application in Jquery-mobile. You can access another page’s content without reloading the webpage. To make a single-page web app, Create a page using a data-role attribute and add header, section, etc. whichever you want to add. First-page code After first page code, you can create another page. Second page … Read more Single Page Application (SPA) in Jquery Mobile

Creating a Page in Jquery Mobile

Jquery mobile provides a data-role attribute to create a page, its header, section, footer, etc. The attribute is used with a DIV element. For example:- <div data-role=”page”></div> data-role attributes data-role=”value” Use data-role=”page” Creates a page that will contain a header, footer, and content area. data-role=”header” Used for header data-role=”main” The content of the mobile application … Read more Creating a Page in Jquery Mobile

Introduction To Jquery Mobile

Jquery-mobile is a framework of Jquery. It is a cross-platform and touch-optimized designed for creating web applications for mobile and tablet. The web applications you design using Jquery mobile framework are responsive on mobile devices and can be used in any operating system. Jquery Mobile is not for designing desktop web applications. Jquery Mobile CDN … Read more Introduction To Jquery Mobile