🌐 Travel and Places Emoji With Name

Date Published: 24/09/2022 Published By: JaiSchool

# Emoji Name
1🌍 globe showing Europe-Africa
2🌎 globe showing Americas
3🌏 globe showing Asia-Australia
4🌐 globe with meridians
5πŸ—ΊοΈ world map
6πŸ—Ί world map
7πŸ—Ύ map of Japan
8🧭 compass
9πŸ”οΈ snow-capped mountain
10πŸ” snow-capped mountain
11⛰️ mountain
12β›° mountain
13πŸŒ‹ volcano
14πŸ—» mount fuji
15πŸ•οΈ camping
16πŸ• camping
17πŸ–οΈ beach with umbrella
18πŸ– beach with umbrella
19🏜️ desert
20🏜 desert
21🏝️ desert island
22🏝 desert island
23🏞️ national park
24🏞 national park
25🏟️ stadium
26🏟 stadium
27πŸ›οΈ classical building
28πŸ› classical building
29πŸ—οΈ building construction
30πŸ— building construction
31🧱 brick
32πŸͺ¨ rock
33πŸͺ΅ wood
34πŸ›– hut
35🏘️ houses
36🏘 houses
37🏚️ derelict house
38🏚 derelict house
39🏠 house
40🏑 house with garden
41🏒 office building
42🏣 Japanese post office
43🏀 post office
44πŸ₯ hospital
45🏦 bank
46🏨 hotel
47🏩 love hotel
48πŸͺ convenience store
49🏫 school
50🏬 department store
51🏭 factory
52🏯 Japanese castle
53🏰 castle
54πŸ’’ wedding
55πŸ—Ό Tokyo tower
56πŸ—½ Statue of Liberty
57β›ͺ church
58πŸ•Œ mosque
59πŸ›• hindu temple
60πŸ• synagogue
61⛩️ shinto shrine
62β›© shinto shrine
63πŸ•‹ kaaba
64β›² fountain
65β›Ί tent
66🌁 foggy
67πŸŒƒ night with stars
68πŸ™οΈ cityscape
69πŸ™ cityscape
70πŸŒ„ sunrise over mountains
71πŸŒ… sunrise
72πŸŒ† cityscape at dusk
73πŸŒ‡ sunset
74πŸŒ‰ bridge at night
75♨️ hot springs
76♨ hot springs
77🎠 carousel horse
78πŸ› playground slide
79🎑 ferris wheel
80🎒 roller coaster
81πŸ’ˆ barber pole
82πŸŽͺ circus tent
83πŸš‚ locomotive
84πŸšƒ railway car
85πŸš„ high-speed train
86πŸš… bullet train
87πŸš† train
88πŸš‡ metro
89🚈 light rail
90πŸš‰ station
91🚊 tram
92🚝 monorail
93🚞 mountain railway
94πŸš‹ tram car
95🚌 bus
96🚍 oncoming bus
97🚎 trolleybus
98🚐 minibus
99πŸš‘ ambulance
100πŸš’ fire engine
101πŸš“ police car
102πŸš” oncoming police car
103πŸš• taxi
104πŸš– oncoming taxi
105πŸš— automobile
106🚘 oncoming automobile
107πŸš™ sport utility vehicle
108πŸ›» pickup truck
109🚚 delivery truck
110πŸš› articulated lorry
111🚜 tractor
112🏎️ racing car
113🏎 racing car
114🏍️ motorcycle
115🏍 motorcycle
116πŸ›΅ motor scooter
117🦽 manual wheelchair
118🦼 motorized wheelchair
119πŸ›Ί auto rickshaw
120🚲 bicycle
121πŸ›΄ kick scooter
122πŸ›Ή skateboard
123πŸ›Ό roller skate
124🚏 bus stop
125πŸ›£οΈ motorway
126πŸ›£ motorway
127πŸ›€οΈ railway track
128πŸ›€ railway track
129πŸ›’οΈ oil drum
130πŸ›’ oil drum
131β›½ fuel pump
132πŸ›ž wheel
133🚨 police car light
134πŸš₯ horizontal traffic light
135🚦 vertical traffic light
136πŸ›‘ stop sign
137🚧 construction
138βš“ anchor
139πŸ›Ÿ ring buoy
140β›΅ sailboat
141πŸ›Ά canoe
142🚀 speedboat
143πŸ›³οΈ passenger ship
144πŸ›³ passenger ship
145⛴️ ferry
146β›΄ ferry
147πŸ›₯️ motor boat
148πŸ›₯ motor boat
149🚒 ship
150✈️ airplane
151✈ airplane
152πŸ›©οΈ small airplane
153πŸ›© small airplane
154πŸ›« airplane departure
155πŸ›¬ airplane arrival
156πŸͺ‚ parachute
157πŸ’Ί seat
158🚁 helicopter
159🚟 suspension railway
160🚠 mountain cableway
161🚑 aerial tramway
162πŸ›°οΈ satellite
163πŸ›° satellite
164πŸš€ rocket
165πŸ›Έ flying saucer
166πŸ›ŽοΈ bellhop bell
167πŸ›Ž bellhop bell
168🧳 luggage
169βŒ› hourglass done
170⏳ hourglass not done
171⌚ watch
172⏰ alarm clock
173⏱️ stopwatch
174⏱ stopwatch
175⏲️ timer clock
176⏲ timer clock
177πŸ•°οΈ mantelpiece clock
178πŸ•° mantelpiece clock
179πŸ•› twelve o’clock
180πŸ•§ twelve-thirty
181πŸ• one o’clock
182πŸ•œ one-thirty
183πŸ•‘ two o’clock
184πŸ• two-thirty
185πŸ•’ three o’clock
186πŸ•ž three-thirty
187πŸ•“ four o’clock
188πŸ•Ÿ four-thirty
189πŸ•” five o’clock
190πŸ•  five-thirty
191πŸ•• six o’clock
192πŸ•‘ six-thirty
193πŸ•– seven o’clock
194πŸ•’ seven-thirty
195πŸ•— eight o’clock
196πŸ•£ eight-thirty
197πŸ•˜ nine o’clock
198πŸ•€ nine-thirty
199πŸ•™ ten o’clock
200πŸ•₯ ten-thirty
201πŸ•š eleven o’clock
202πŸ•¦ eleven-thirty
203πŸŒ‘ new moon
204πŸŒ’ waxing crescent moon
205πŸŒ“ first quarter moon
206πŸŒ” waxing gibbous moon
207πŸŒ• full moon
208πŸŒ– waning gibbous moon
209πŸŒ— last quarter moon
210🌘 waning crescent moon
211πŸŒ™ crescent moon
212🌚 new moon face
213πŸŒ› first quarter moon face
214🌜 last quarter moon face
215🌑️ thermometer
216🌑 thermometer
217β˜€οΈ sun
218β˜€ sun
219🌝 full moon face
220🌞 sun with face
221πŸͺ ringed planet
222⭐ star
223🌟 glowing star
224🌠 shooting star
225🌌 milky way
226☁️ cloud
227☁ cloud
228β›… sun behind cloud
229β›ˆοΈ cloud with lightning and rain
230β›ˆ cloud with lightning and rain
231🌀️ sun behind small cloud
232🌀 sun behind small cloud
233πŸŒ₯️ sun behind large cloud
234πŸŒ₯ sun behind large cloud
235🌦️ sun behind rain cloud
236🌦 sun behind rain cloud
237🌧️ cloud with rain
238🌧 cloud with rain
239🌨️ cloud with snow
240🌨 cloud with snow
241🌩️ cloud with lightning
242🌩 cloud with lightning
243πŸŒͺ️ tornado
244πŸŒͺ tornado
245🌫️ fog
246🌫 fog
247🌬️ wind face
248🌬 wind face
249πŸŒ€ cyclone
250🌈 rainbow
251πŸŒ‚ closed umbrella
252β˜‚οΈ umbrella
253β˜‚ umbrella
254β˜” umbrella with rain drops
255⛱️ umbrella on ground
256β›± umbrella on ground
257⚑ high voltage
258❄️ snowflake
259❄ snowflake
260β˜ƒοΈ snowman
261β˜ƒ snowman
262β›„ snowman without snow
263β˜„οΈ comet
264β˜„ comet
265πŸ”₯ fire
266πŸ’§ droplet
267🌊 water wave

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