🗄️ file cabinet emoji

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file cabinet
Emoji 🗄️
Emoji Name file cabinet
Category Objects
Sub-category Office
Emoji Codepoint 1F5C4 FE0F
Code For Developers
HTML Hex 🗄
HTML Dec 🗄
CSS \01f5c4
C, C++ & Python \U0001f5c4

About This Emoji

The name of this emoji 🗄️ is file cabinet.

It comes under the Objects category and Office sub-category and was added in version E0.7.

file cabinet Emoji Codepoints

Codepoints for file cabinet is 1F5C4 FE0F. Code points are unique numbers assigned to each character in the Unicode standard. The Unicode standard provides a unique number for every character, regardless of platform, program, or language, so that text can be exchanged between any computers or devices in the world.

Code points are the numerical values used to represent each character in the Unicode standard, and they serve as the foundation for representing text in modern computing. If you want to know the codepoint of an Emoji then this tool can help you in getting its codepoint.

Codepoints Preview

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